Surveying H2O in Southern California

Stephanie Pincetl, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Sustainable Communities at UCLA’s Institute of Environment and Sustainability, speaks about her continued work to map the different organizations and entities that control water in Los Angeles.


Finding the root of urban biogeography

International Innovation Magazine profiled California Center for Sustainable Communities Director Stephanie Pincetl’s work on urban forests.


Making a more bikeable UCLA

From “bike channels” in campus stairways to campaigns encouraging cars to share the road, departments across UCLA are teaming up to make a more bikeable university.


Preserving Sage Hill

UCLA should better acknowledge the natural habitat the ecosystem provides.


UCLA summit looks at future of water in Southern California

The summit is is sponsored by the Luskin Center for Innovation at UCLA’s Luskin School of Public Affairs; the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability; and UCLA’s Water Technology Research (WaTeR) Center.


Health study targets major California rail yard

The Associated Press and LA Times reported on a study involving John Froines, Environmental Health Sciences and IoES Professor, that will examine the effect of high-toxicity emissions from a San Bernardino rail yard on surrounding communities.


The Future of Water in Southern California

The inaugural meeting of the UCLA Water Resources Group brought water experts and concerned citizens together to review insights and recommendations regarding future water demands.