The Fukushima Meltdown – Lessons from Japan and future energy sources in California and the U.S.

Monday, April 18, 2011
2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Neuroscience Research Building (NRB) Auditorium
Neuroscience Research Building, 1st Floor
635 Charles E Young Drive South

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Featuring top experts in energy, economics, engineering, seismology, public health and law.

Welcome – Glen MacDonald, Director, UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

Lead Panelist – National Nuclear Energy Policy – Albert Carnesale, UCLA Chancellor Emeritus & Professor, Departments of Public Policy and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering & Member of the U.S. Department of Energy Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future

Energy economics and Environmental policy – Deepak Rajagopal, Professor, UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

Engineering/Seismic/Environmental Safety – Jon Stewart, Vice Chair (Graduate), Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UCLA School of Engineering and Applied Science

Public Health – Dick Jackson, Chair, Department of Environmental Health and Safety, UCLA School of Public Health

Legal and Policy Issues – Sean Hecht , Executive Director, Environmental Law Center, UCLA School of Law