UCLA’s Institute of Environment and Sustainability educates future leaders

The University of California at Los Angeles, one of the world’s premier learning institutions, is also a pioneer in the realm of environment and sustainability, producing the next generation of innovators and leaders via its Institute of the Environment and Sustainability.

“Our mission is to promote research, education, and outreach and communication on issues of the environment and sustainability in a collaborative, multi-partner fashion that builds bridges on campus and from UCLA to the wider world,” said IoES director Glen MacDonald at the Evening of Excellence event honoring Dan A. Emmett and Southern California Edison.

MacDonald was one of the UCLA professors who asked the university to create the program in 1995, and it became an official Institute two years later. Today, there are more than 80 professors teaching dozens of courses campus-wide, seven different research centers, 280 undergraduate students working to earn a bachelor of science degree in environmental studies, another 150 minors, and 145 graduate candidates studying to earn their masters degrees. According to a recent exit study, “Over 80 percent of graduates are finding positions either in environment or sustainability-related jobs or going on to graduate school. The placement rate is amazing,” noted MacDonald.

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