Viewpoints: It’s no time to drop ball on environment

Clean energy. Clean water. Clean air. As California turns to Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget proposal, many critics will claim that California can neither afford innovative environmental measures nor fund its existing environmental programs.

A newly released study, "An Environmental Blueprint for California," argues just the opposite: California cannot afford to throw away years of environmental progress – cleaner energy, cleaner water, cleaner air – for perceived short-term gains. Energy security, climate stability, and public health depend on strong, innovative environmental protection initiatives that will help to ensure long-term economic prosperity.

To read the entire article about the new report in the Sacramento Bee by Sean B. Hecht and M. Rhead Enion click here.

To view "An Environmental Blueprint for California" by Executive Director of the UCLA Environmental Law Center & Director of the Evan Frankel Environmental Law and Policy Program Sean B. Hecht, Executive Director of the Emmett Center on Climate Change Cara Horowitz and UCLA Emmett/Frankel Fellow in Environmental Law and Policy M. Rhead Enion click here.