Maria J. Montes-Sancho

Visiting Scholar, IoES Center for Corporate Environmental Performance

La Kretz 300

Los Angeles, CA 90095

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MarĂ­a J. Montes-Sancho is a visiting scholar at the UCLA Institute of the Environment. She is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Business Administration of Carlos III University. Maria's research focuses on assessing how environmental policies influence firms' strategies and their performance. A second general area of research focuses on examining green operations in the automotive industry.

Working Papers

  • Delmas, M. and Montes-Sancho, M.J. 2006. "Voluntary Agreements to Improve Environmental Quality: Are Late Joiners the Free Riders?"
  • Delmas, M. and Montes-Sancho, M.J. 2008. "An Institutional Perspective on the Diffusion of International Accountability Standards: the Case of the Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001."
  • Alvarez-Gil, M.J., Montes-Sancho, M.J. Stefano, C. 2009. "Voluntary Environmental Initiatives and Innovation in the European Automobile Industry."

Journal Articles

  • Delmas, M., Russo, M. and Montes-Sancho, M.J. 2007. "Deregulation and Environmental Differentiation in the Electric Utility Industry." Strategic Management Journal. Vol. 28(2): 189-209.
  • Corbett, C., Montes-Sancho, M.J. and Kirsch. D. 2005. "The financial impact of ISO 9000 Certification in the US: An Empirical Analysis." Management Science, Vol. 51: 1046-1059.